It has been quite a while since I went diving because my mask broke. Well, this season I have decided to take a few diving trips. I do so love diving and I can see my two daughters taking right after me. I also love snorkeling, whitewater kayaking and many more activities. Let’s just say that if it is about the water, I just fall in love immediately.

Diving for me is therapeutic. Anytime that I feel pressed on down by issues, I tend to look for an escape and for me, it is in diving, taking nature walks, hiking and so on. However, it is diving that truly gives me the respite that I need all the time without failing. I am calmed by water and if I believed in reincarnation, I believe I would come back as a dolphin.

Planning a new diving holiday or getaway is always a lot of fun for me. To me, diving is a matter of life and death and so I plan it carefully. I must give my diving gear a thorough going over so that I am 100 percent sure that it is in perfect condition.

Need I say that one of the most important gear for my scuba diving adventures is the diving mask? This is usually the first one to go into my dive bag when I am packing my gear.

However, I have to get a new mask. Mine broke some time back. So before I go diving again, I have to buy a new one. I prefer to look for information online first on for everything about diving. This is where I kicked off my research and I found two diving masks.

Here are two diving masks that I decided to buy, one for every dive use and the second one as my backup.

Cressi Panoramic diving mask

Cressi Panoramic

This diving mask has 3 and 4 window mask. This will give a large peripheral visibility while underwater and reduce the effect of claustrophobia. Another thing that I saw useful with Cressi Panoramic 4 is the fact that it is frameless. This means the silicone skirt joins directly to its lens.

This decreases drag and makes the mask lightweight. The silicone is high quality, which makes this mask seal securely and gently against your face. Since they do not hold lots of weight, it is easy to pack and travel with them to whatever diving site you want. In addition, this diving mask has adjustable buckles that you can easily alter accordingly.

This means your stress while diving will reduce, thus having a great experience. In addition, the adjustable buckle improves your ease of movement and helps the skirt for a better seal. I was attracted by the fact that I can adjust the fit according to my face.

The three side lenses give uninterrupted view underwater or outdoor. As a result, this mask gives room for maximum light and view. This mask is a good choice for a great underwater activity as it gives you an unadulterated wide view in the water.





Long lasting

Frameless mask



Limited colors

Speedo Dive Mask


I liked this diving mask because of its curved lens, which gave clear visibility due to its great optics engineering. When underwater you should use a diving mask with the best visibility in all directions. With a push button fastener, you will be able to make adjustments either loosen or tighten your mask.  

The Speedo mask is perfect for any face shape. Therefore, you are guaranteed that they will look and fit great on you. In addition, its silicone skirt makes this mask durable and offers comfort to users. Another thing that attracted me to this diving mask was its external eye fit. This can remove raccoon eyes while underwater.

Visibility is important because you will know the direction you are taking to avoid confusion. This mask sits on the cheek perfectly, gives comfortable and leak-free fit. In case you wear this diving mask and you notice leaks, you can adjust it to your fit.

The clear lens gives a standard light level to your eyes. They also enhance glare safety and have the right colors for unpredictable conditions. You can also use them at dusk and indoors because they are light enough. In addition, their lens tint is appropriate to give a great view even while diving during sunny times. You can also go to this page for information about other diving masks that you can try.


Leak resistant




Quick, easy fit



A bit pricey